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Toddler laughing at her birthday party

Birthday Party Ideas for Toddlers

Do you know what your child will remember as the fondest memory as an adult? Read all about why birthdays are essential for toddlers and how you can throw a party for one.

Cute african american toddler playing in a cardboard plane

Do You Know Your Toddler’s Personality Type?

Toddlers come in all shapes and sizes. We joke, of course, but they do have unique traits and personalities. Learn how to identify these traits and how to bring out the best in your child.

Toddler reading a preschool book

What to read to your preschooler

Reading can help your children improve their understanding of language, literacy, and numeracy. Here's what you can read for your preschooler for amazing long-term benefits.

little girl walking to preschool with backpack

How to choose a preschool for your toddler

Preschool can help your baby take their first steps into educational journey. We researched a few tips from childhood development experts on how to choose preschool for your child.

Toddler holding a book and reading

How to help children learn to read

Learning to read is a process filled with milestones. You can help your child learn to read and fall in love with reading. Learn how to support your child through the process of reading.

Scared toddler lying in bed with toys and hiding his face

Anxieties and fears in toddlers

Children might display signs of anxiety and worry and you can learn to identify and acknowledge them. Read our article to help yourself and your toddler understand what’s going on.