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What’s in app

Enter the world of cute animals, vehicles, letters, and numbers; Become a firefighter and save animals, serve dinner to kids at a dinner table, play music on drums, and more. 


This collection of 15 mini-games will give your child a fun and exciting experience while teaching the basics of how to interact with the world. 


Here's a little sneak peek of the app: 


  ► Sort by size and shape

  ► Match objects by color

  ► Number puzzles 

  ► Find animals and their food

  ► Store objects in the fridge, closet, etc. 

  ► Toddler jigsaw puzzles 


This app is a little collection of fun and educational games developed alongside childhood development experts. 


Here's what to know about the games:


  ► Sort by size -  match the objects of similar proportions and learn about the similarities in sizes

  ► Sort by the color - Learn about colors by matching ducks with basins by color, putting away toys in the matching baskets, etc. 

  ► Sort by shape - your kid will be able to identify shapes and sizes with certain objects, toys, and musical instruments 

  ► Sort by numbers - Count the kids at the table and serve them food that matches their numbers. This way your kid will learn about numbers and get a head start on learning how to count  

  ► Feed the animals -  learn what foods farm or wild animals eat

  ► Find the animals - Learn animal names while rescuing them with a fire truck 

  ► Sort objects -  learn about what animals belong in the wild and what - on the farm; store clothes in the closet and food in the fridge to learn how to tidy up the house 

  ► Baby Puzzles - identify the animals, learn their names while building puzzles


We also made sure to give timely hints so your child won't get bored if the task is a little bit tough for them. 


What else? Pleasant music, happy voices, colorful characters, and various activities create a fun and comfortable environment for your toddler.


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English Alphabet
English Alphabet